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About Us

The evolution of Guillaume Champagne-Thibeault's company, now rebranded as "Champagne | Architect of your Growth," is a testament to its remarkable journey. In recent years, the company has not only closed the substantial gap in digital marketing understanding but has also thrived within the industry.

Guillaume's unwavering commitment to excellence, combined with the extensive expertise of his team, consistently delivers exceptional results for clients. What's particularly notable is the remarkable diversity within the organization, encompassing four generations of professionals under his leadership. This diversity not only signifies an unflinching dedication to long-term success but also represents a wide spectrum of age and experience, resulting in the accumulation of collective wisdom over time.

The company's foundation in ethical business conduct, its client-centric approach, and its emphasis on good human values set it apart in the industry. The transformation in 2023, adopting the name "Champagne | Architect of your Growth," underscores the organization's evolution and deep knowledge, positioning them as architects of growth for their clients. This rebranding emphasizes their commitment to nurturing enduring business relationships.

At the heart of a dynamic and constantly evolving industry, our company stands out as an essential growth partner.

Specialized in Strategy, Marketing, Sales, Optimization, Automation, and Leadership.
Our uniqueness lies not only in the diversity of our services, but also in our deep commitment to ethics, operational excellence, and a resolutely customer-centric approach.

It's this unique combination that makes us a leader in our field, and here we explore in detail the foundations on which our business is built, illustrating why we are our clients' strategic partner.

In summary, the company's journey and accomplishments reflect a history of dedication to excellence, ethical conduct, and a profound understanding of the pressures and difficulties that come with business growth. Champagne | Architect of your Growth is not just a successful growth agency; it's a trusted partner with a proven track record of delivering exceptional growth results for clients, fully committed to meticulous planning, coaching entrepreneurs, and executing cutting-edge strategies with a rigorous, mathematical process.

Are you looking to improve your customer acquisition strategy and grow your business? We are a Montreal-based video production team who can help you reach your business goals! With our expertise, we can provide you with a comprehensive customer acquisition strategy that will help you achieve the growth you desire. We specialize in creating stunning visual products that will help ensure your business reaches its full potential. Contact us today for a consultation with a business growth consultant and let us help you reach success!

Our Vision

Champagne is working towards being the best strategic growth marketing partner for Quebec & international businesses by working with unique digital marketing strategies using paid advertising as the big leverage it is when used properly.

Champagne is working towards being the film production company that brings effective productions to business owners by democratising professionalism.

Champagne is working towards being the B2B & B2C sales consultant that empowers businesses to love back their sales process & business development by bringing human pratices & effective methods that converts for the good of their prospects.

Our Direction Team

Guillaume Champagne-Thibeault

Founder & Marketing Expert

Daniel Ouellet

Commercial Director

Lucie Champagne

Client Relationship Director

Josué Hébert

Sales Director


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